Day three – 5 July

New Spaces

09:00 – 09:40
In Technology We Trust: A regular contributor and friend to Radio Days Africa, Arthur Goldstuck (World Wide Worx CEO) shares his thoughts on where the tech revolution is heading. (Track 1)10

09:45 – 10:25
Is the Radio Romance Over? Aisha Mohammed (Marketing Director Sony Music Africa) shares her take on where radio and music meet. She will also give insight into the changing face of music, the promotion of artists and the releasing of new tracks. The session will ask the question is the romance between music and radio dead? (Track 1)10

Emerging r@dio: While traditional radio in South Africa has found a place on the Internet, a new form of online radio is currently emerging from the Internet. It is called r@dio, a multimedia, multi-platform and convergent medium that differs from traditional radio in many ways. With very little information available about this new media form, Hendrik Baird (GaySA Radio) shares insight from his research project that aimed to investigate how emerging r@dio stations operate, how they use the Internet to create and grow audiences and how they measure their success. (Track 2)10
Tuning into Gender Diversity: The German Development Cooperation and UN Women have established a Media Compact Flagship Project that looks to initiate a sector-wide dialogue centered on combating gender stereotypes in the media and increasing more gender sensitive reporting and programming. Research suggests that the media landscape in Southern Africa is still largely unequal when it comes to gender questions. Male perspectives continue to dominate news in the region with women sources only representing 20% of all sources. Women are more likely to be seen than heard with percentages of women sources lower than images of women across all media formats. Xoli Matomela explores gender, diversity & GBV in South African media; drawing from research conducted into the topic. (Track 3)10

10:25 – 10:55 Break

11:00 – 11:40
What’s Crap on WhatsApp? Kate Wilkinson (Africa Check Deputy Chief Editor) describes Africa Check and Volume’s new project, which verifies the authenticity of messages shared in WhatsApp groups. The debunks are sent out once a month in a 5-minute voice note. The organisations have won $50,000 from the International Fact-Checking Network to expand the project. (Track 1)10

Podcasting Masterclass (Part I): Join podcasting experts Selly Thiam, Eric Eddings and Veralyn Williams in this exclusive 90 min masterclass that will help you hone the skills needed to become a master podcaster.
(Track 2)10

The Synergy Between SAMRO & Community Radio: Community radio plays a major role in the development of the local music industry and has been key in promoting and developing artists. There exists a natural synergy between the sector and SAMRO. Manaileng Maphike (Business Development Manager: Licensing) shares insight into the relationship. (Track 3)10

11:45 – 12:25
Local Voices: The Local Voices initiative, powered by the Wits Radio Academy, supported community radio reporters during the 2019 election by publishing their stories on its website and associated social media to give them a wider platform. These reports were therefore read by a wider audience and created a network of resources and information in an environment where smaller stations are often overlooked. Prof. Franz Krüger (Director Wits Radio Academy and Head of Journalism), Veronica Makhoali and Siya Ntuli (Wits Radio Academy) talk about this project. (Track 1)10

Podcasting Masterclass (Part II): Join podcasting experts Selly Thiam, Eric Eddings and Veralyn Williams in this exclusive 90 min masterclass that will help you hone the skills needed to become a master podcaster.
(Track 2)10

Started from the Bottom (20 min): Campus radio has long been a feeding ground for established community broadcasters as well as commercial and public radio. Nnyane Keamogetswe (CUT FM Station Manager) is a product of campus radio and works tirelessly at the Central University of Technology to grow and develop the next generation of professionals. She shares her journey as well as tips for new talent looking to work in the campus radio sector. (Track 3)10

Words That See (20 min): Michael Bower (Tuks FM Programme Manager) talks about their award-winning concept, ‘Words That See’. Conceptualised to enhance the listening experience of students at the Princehof School for the Blind, the station created a sensory journey on a visit to the Pretoria Zoo. Come and listen to the audio and experience the zoo like never before. (Track 3)10

12:30 – 13:10
The Innovation Panel: Paul McNally (Wits Journalism) wraps up #RDA19 with a discussion around innovating radio. Join the session and give your inputs. Panellists include Nelly Kalu (Central News Television Nigeria), Naeem Ganey (Media Measure Founder) and radio futurologist James Cridland. (Track 1)10

13:10 – 14:10 Lunch