Day one – 3 July


Draft Programme, subject to change. Sessions indicated at the same time run in parallel.

09:00 – 09:30

#RDA19 Welcome: Join Prof. Garth Stevens, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of the Witwatersrand and Ms. Nadia Bulbulia, Executive Director of the National Association of Broadcasters, at the opening of the 10th edition of Radio Days Africa.

09:30 – 10:30

Opening Panel: The Power of Ten: Radio Days Africa celebrates ten years of learning, sharing and engaging. Join Prof. Franz Krüger (Wits Radio Academy), Zandile Tembe, (Ukhozi FM Programme Manager); Nadia Bulbulia, (Executive Director of the NAB) and Thando Makhunga, (947 Station Manager) as they debate radio’s continuing “power of ten”, despite – or perhaps through – a wave of new opportunities for audio distribution.

10:30 – 11:10

Tea Break

11:15 – 11:55

#openuptheindustry: Radio and audio platforms always need to inspire, train and employ the next generation of radio professionals. Join Greg Maloka (Kaya FM CEO) and the MICT Seta as they chat to two young media professionals, Ona Peteke and Kat Sekhoto, about mentorship and the challenges of breaking into the industry.

Does Radio Still Make Cents? Rivak Bunce (United Stations CEO) shares insights into why radio is still key as part of the media mix and what radio needs to do to continue to win in this changing space.

Tuned into Gender: to come

12:00 – 12:40

Audio Africa – Production: Join the award-winning Linda Manganye (Power FM Production Manager), Herman Tefo (Sound Production Manager – Primedia Broadcasting) and Siyanda Fikelepi (Radio 2000 Programme Manager) as they take you through the process of imaging a radio station using local nuances, powerful local voices, talented script writers and a uniquely African perspective.

Top Ten Promotions from Across the Globe (Part II): Multi-platform promotions with a strong on-air element are essential tools for radio stations to remain relevant in an entertainment economy. Back by popular demand, Niall Power (Beat FM Presenter and Producer) shares ten well-planned and executed promotions that created energy, excitement and great on-air talkability.

Rebuilding a Classic: Lyndon Johnstone (Classic FM CEO) walks us through the process of re-branding, re-thinking and re-launching Classic 1027. The last twelve months have seen significant investment in this Gauteng based station and Johnstone gives insight into the process and projected outcomes.

12:40 – 13:40


13:45 – 14:25

Power of Sound: It’s 2019 and everyone is talking about audio and some of the biggest brands in the world are taking audio branding seriously for the first time. Join Paul Holmes (ReelWorld) as he explores The Power of Sound and looks at ways to supercharge your station sound.

Multimedia, Multiskilled: The ability for talent to identify opportunities, work across platforms and media and harness the power of their own brands is a unique skill. Claire Mawisa (Presenter, Producer and Voice Artist) shares her journey in the media space and gives tips to ensure relevance in a changing media landscape.

Streaming: to come

14:30 – 15:10

Digital Airchecking Tool: Join Gavin Meiring (Radio Solutions GM), Grant Nash (947 Programme Manager) and Zandile Tembe (Ukhozi FM Programme Manager) for a live air check; as they show you how to integrate multi-platform touch points and highlight key points to connect with audiences.

Ten Years of Change in Radio News: The BBC has built a reputation of providing news that is trustworthy, up-to-date and relevant. The last ten years have seen significant changes in the radio newsroom. The rise of fake news, multi-platform approaches, youth audiences and news content and the maintaining of the trust relationship with listeners are a few elements that the corporation has grappled with. Join young BBC news reporters as they describe how they experienced the last ten years in the BBC’s newsroom.

Sharing the Good News Across the Mother City: Smile 90.4 FM has been Sharing the Good News Across the Mother City for several years. It was a programming decision taken to cut through the clutter and create a unique positioning in a competitive marketplace. Naveen Singh (Smile 90.4 FM Programme Manager) shares content pieces as well as the impact the decision has made on the Smile brand.

15:10 – 15:30

Tea Break

15:35 – 16:15

The Rands and Sense of an SABC Bailout: Join JJ van Wyk, a product of community media in the early 90’s and now economist by trade, as he unpacks the numbers behind bailing out the public broadcaster in South Africa.

Ten Tech Tips Today: Radio is synonymous with boxes and racks filled with equipment. The ever-changing tech space has revolutionised radio control rooms and has literally put radio in the hands of the people. Frank Schulze shares his ten tech tips for those working in the radio space.

Content Convergence – The Nigerian Perspective: The ability to attract eyes and ears in a changing consumption landscape remains key to media brands. Jonathan Lyamgohn (Sound City TV & Radio CEO) explains how they operate a network of eleven radio stations and three TV stations across two of Nigeria’s biggest cities, and what they do to ensure they captivate a large, yet restless media market.

16:20 – 17:00

Why the Drama? Radio dramas have long been part of the success in engaging and entertaining audiences. The team from Mediaheads 360 share their insights into this art form and take us on a journey in this final session of the day. Be prepared to participate and add your voice to this unique session as we record a live radio drama.

17:00 – 19:00

Welcome Event: Join fellow delegates, catch up with colleagues and enjoy an opportunity to network after the first day at #RDA19 #thepowerof10