By Siyabonga Motha

Mafadi Maury, CEO and founder of Vision View Sports, expresses that their organization was inspired by Nelson Mandela’s view on sports during his speech where he viewed sports as something that unites people because it speaks one language to various people. Sports is an entertainment medium followed by millions of people from different backgrounds and cultures in Africa.

He explains that their company chose to go digital because there is no spectrum and that this sets their agenda of reeling in a variety of people from all corners of the world to access and listen to their radio station. “There are no rules in the digital space but we try to abide by the broadcasting rules of South Africa.”, he adds.

Maury says Vision View choose sports radio because they saw a gap in the market adding that most radio stations have sports shows with a duration of about an hour or two, while their intention is to have content that focuses primarily on sports only. “Sports can take people from nothing to something and make them hero’s.”, he exclaimed.

Although Vision View Sports broadcasts all their content live, they also podcast shorter content in order to meet the needs of audiences that are unable to tune in to live shows.

Some of the challenges faced by Vision View Sports is with regards to the ambiguity around regulating their station and attracting advertisers.

In conclusion he says their future plans include growing their listenership and getting to know their audience.

Edited by: Bridget Lepere