By Eva Chipa

When listening to radio, certain jingles help us identify the station with what we are listening to.

German born mastermind, Jan Brückner, breaks down the secret behind what makes radio sound good and how to identify that. The master class looks into audio production, a step by step guide into how to create imaging for radio.

Brückner begins the session by opening the popular and widely used radio production software, Pro Tools.

Pro Tools is a digital audio workstation developed and released by Avid Technology for Microsoft Windows and MacOS users. It can be used for a wide range of sound recording and production purposes.

While taking the tech savvy audience who work on Pro Tools or similar sound production software, Brückner gave short cuts and advice on how to cut down production time while still creating 100% good quality jingles.

Brückner created a jingle in just a little over an hour and had local tech gurus in the room curious about how much can be done when not teaching and producing at the same time, he responded, “Well it depends, anything between 45min and 5 hours, depending on the magnitude of the project given.”

However, if you are not intrigued by the technical side of creating audio, the magic behind producing the final product is not confusing at all. It is rather an interesting process to watch as all one listens to all these different sounds come together creating the actual sound we hear on our favorite radio stations.

Edited by Bridget Lepere