By Veronica Makhoali

The first session of the second day into Radio Days Africa 2019 was nothing short of unconventional, much like the speaker who happens to also be a comedian, presenter and producer at Smile FM, Phil De Lange who refers to himself as “the love child of Helen Zille and Tinton”.

Fusing his love for comedy and radio, De Lange brought a room full of stiff radio professionals out of their shells with controversial jokes as he talked them through his journey on radio on how comedy sets him apart from the rest of the pack in the industry.

De Lange who has been in the industry for seven years did not miss the opportunity to take a few jabs at the industry. He stated that some of the successful methods used by radio personalities such as DJ Sbu are classic examples of those who managed to set themselves apart from the rest in the industry. 

“As radio people we find ourselves extending into other branches and into other entrepreneurial spaces, finding ourselves as MC’s, DJ’s to selling energy drinks at funerals.” De Lange said.

Through his witty sense of humour, De Lange was able to capture the significance and impact comedy has with regards to radio production i.e. through links, copywriting, station imaging and the overall listener experience.

With a ‘Comic Choice Award’ below his belt, De Lange not only succeeded at breaking the ice, but ushered the serious audience through the cold winter morning with warmth and laughter.

Edited by: Bridget Lepere