By Eva Chipa

The Seychelles island is surrounded by a vast ocean with over 300 000 tourists per year making it a hotspot for Paradise FM. Welcome, this is the Seychelles.

Bérard Duprés, CEO of the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation began his presentation by posing a question; what’s the population size an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean?

Well, if you thought anything over 100 000, think again he said. The Seychelles is home to 95 000 people, with the majority population living within in the inner islands.

Duprés explains that although the population is less than 100 000 people, there is plenty of competition within the industry. Not to be mistaken for a state broadcaster, the SBC is a public broadcaster of the Seychelles, broadcasting radio on the FM wavelength to all inner Islands. SBC has two TV channels (SBC 1 & SBC 2) and two radio stations with the most popular one being the commercial station dubbed Paradise FM.

To bridge the digital and social revolution divide, a radio application was introduced to Paradise FM. The app segments the shows which are then played as podcasts which are synced with their website as well as their live streaming option.

According to Duprés, the radio app aids in ensuring direct and immediate connection both locally and globally. It also allows the station to preserve their radio programs on an online archive which is made available over time to all Seychelles citizens granting them access to their auditory cultural heritage.

Paradise FM comprises of 60% local listenership and 40% of global a listenership. It hires local artists as its presenters. Paradise FM connects people globally through digital radio, from a paradise with deep crystal blue waters and beautiful beaches.

Edited by Bridget Lepere