Taurai Mabhachi Kufa is a displaced activist fighting for the change and reform in his country of Zimbabwe.

Platforms like radio days Africa that provides a base for the media and radio industry to share ideas on the changing face of the media industry in Zimbabwe.

Kufa started the conversation by saying radio is critical in Zimbabwe as many people don’t have access to social media and use radio as a cheap way to get information and staying in the loop. Kufa added the media industry in Zimbabwe is controlled my the ruling political party of the nation Zanu-PF.

The people of Zimbabwe have been oppressed for many years by former president Robert Mugabe, most people thought the nation would change in terms of Broadcasting, after the fall of the former president, but from what Kufa says nothing has changed in the country with the state broadcaster still being used as a propaganda .

Kufa expressed frustration in that 10 community radio stations have been waiting over a decade to get a license, with the government saying there are not frequencies available.  Kufa bemoaned that it seems the community in Zimbabwe is voiceless,  and no institution or body is prepared to protect the rights of independent journalism.

Thabo Tshabalala.

(Edited by Simbarashe Honde)