Many are confused as to how the winners at the Liberty Radio Awards are chosen and do not necessarily understand why they cannot breakthrough. Liberty Radio Awards CEO, Lance Rothchild shares how the judging process works and what makes a winning entry.

For those that want to win the Liberty radio awards, Rothchild urges them to do great work, capture and store moments of excellence. He further went to say that they should review and air check regularly against the rubric for their particular category hence it is crucial to work on one’s entry.

Rothchild says that one should ask themselves these questions before submitting their entries, “Is my entry compelling to a point where I want to listen to it again? What am I doing to keep the listeners locked on my channel?”

The 2018 liberty radio awards received 1864 entries from -+135 stations and organisations accumulating to over 180 hours of contiguous audio. There were only 77 winners for this year. “The liberty Awards only judge the submission on hand regardless of the status of the radio. If one submits crap, they will be judged on that”, said Rothchild.

For the station of the year award, the adjudication looks at the quality and depth of entries, on-air innovation, audience trends, community outreach, target focus as well as the overall “x-factor”.

The Liberty Radio Awards are the only industry-wide awards in the South African radio industry. Since the inception of these awards in 2010, there has been substantial growth in the number of entries and in the number of stations participating.

Bulali Dyakopu

(Edited by Simbarashe Honde)