Kagiso Media CEO, Nick Grubb argues that it requires the combined efforts of the radio industry at a commercial, regulatory and product level to maintain and grow its attractiveness to audiences and advertisers.

Even though data presents radio as the most accessed form of media in the country, “the data is the antidote to uncertainty”, said Grubb. Further arguing that radio stations and advertisers interpret this data differently depending on what they want to achieve. Advertisers are looking for reach, exclusivity and contextual suitability as well as results.

“The reputable radio industry is not taking the responsibility of publishing statistics that will make the necessary changes for radio” said Grubb. A concerned Grubb displayed an example to the audience of misinformation of the radio statistics and advertising revenue from a blogger.

Grubb went on to suggest that there should be a common campaign in solving radio controversies such as Tumi Morake’s head-butt with Jacaranda FM’s listeners and other notable radio disputes.

Grubb also urged the radio industry to work together and commission research projects with a variety of partners which should include investing in a pool of case studies data and  radio formats. Furthermore, he believes, the industry should hold engagements with agencies and sales channels accountable for radio advocacy.

Pleading further, Grubb says that the radio industry should send senior, empowered people to collaborate proactively on industry opportunities such as Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB+). “It is important to shape the radio industry around South Africa, not around the interests of a few”, said Grubb.

Kagiso media is the largest black-owned media corporation in South Africa, having the most notable radio stations such as Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio.

Bulali Dyakopu

(Edited by Simbarashe Honde)