On being Nancy – Podcasting with Kathy Tu

New York based digital broadcaster, Kathy Tu is the co-host of the Nancy podcast from WNYC Studios alongside Tobin Low, and today she presents the award winning quirky and queer podcast that articulates true and various stories of people from the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) community. The show communicates and encapsulates the essence of niched content, addressing the need for the LGBTQ community to be represented and given a platform to share their stories.

In her talk, Tu, brings to us her podcast, Being Nancy! Nancy she says is a derogatory term used by people to describe a gay man, and because she was not aware of this and the fact that she couldn’t come up with a better name for the show, she and her team decided to name the show, after the controversial name, Nancy, in an attempt to reclaim it for the LGBTQ community.

Tu being a bisexual female herself, states that in a way, created the platform to share many stories including her coming out story with her mother who is very conservative. The conversation which she had with her mother was eventually shared on the podcast with the entire world.

Among the many stories, she shared a story of a man who had an issue with watching porn with his boyfriend because this triggered some familiar yet uncomfortable emotions within him. In doing this, the man found out some salient information in relation to self-image issues and also coming to terms with who he is. In another episode, she explored the narratives of being butch and how it relates to her and essentially what it means being a bisexual female. Her audio is clear, crisp and the content is of good quality, Tu attributes her sound quality to utilizing good recording devices and knowing how to use them. She explains that the podcast recording quality should be just as good as broadcasting quality.