The radio broadcasters should carefully and thoughtfully look into the sound and imaging used to represent and promote their radio stations; this is according to the director of international sales, Nadine Ellman of Benztown Branding. Benztown Branding provides the most expansive and quality sound and imaging libraries with over 30 000 audio elements to help brands stand out.

Ellman says that how radio stations need to utilize good sound and imaging to provoke a response, incite excitement and grab the attention of its listeners. She adds that the longevity of a brand depend the impact of its branding, through the efficient use of a good jingle and bold imaging.

She adds that advertisers have long and fast caught on the impact of sound and imaging in selling their products, adding that the power of a jingle does not only add life to the imaging but also evokes strong emotional responses to what is being sold.  If powerful enough, the music has the ability of remaining embedded in the minds of its consumers long after the advertisement. She says the power of a jingle is able to evoke the memory of the brand every time someone hears the jingle or hear the jingle each time they see the brand.

Afterall, as Ellman continues, “The Jingle gives association with the station, its identity and embodies the culture of the radio station. The jingle is the brand”.

Lebohang Bridget Lepere

(Edited by Simbarashe Honde)